Dareisyn Willowvine


Like Desire’lya, Dareisyn — also going by the nickname “Syn” — hails from the distant forests of the Wandering Styck. A hunting accident resulted in Syn’s death and Desire’s awakening as one of the hútayár, the curse-blooded. A fiendish tempter appeared, offering her the opportunity to return her love from the grave.

She accepted.

The devil bound itself to Syn, forming a spiritual fusion of devil and elf. When Syn and Desire returned to their home, the elders quickly determined what happened, shunning them for pacting with devils and reawakening the ancient vampiric curse of the bloodline. They were hunted and forced to flee far, far away.

Recently, horrific dreams and visions spurred Desire to travel to Khemenelda, and naturally, Syn followed. At the Emperor’s Gate Inn, the pair met Bosabrieln and Godfrey, and their adventure began…

Also, credit where credit is due. Image modification by LadyPirotessa. Original image source:

Marizano. “Let’s play” (2009, June 11). deviantART. Retrieved May 13, 2014, from http://marizano.deviantart.com/art/Let-s-play-125584668

Dareisyn Willowvine

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