Niserie Woodvine


Niserie Woodvine is an elf from the Wandering Styck, evidently a messenger on behalf of the Willowvine tribe. She and a contingent of hunters traveled to Elham in Khemenelda to request Dareisyn and Desire’lya’s return to the Styck so that they may be judged; Desire agreed, although she noted her duties to Melora, given the visions of disaster she has received. Niserie noted that this merited investigation, so she evidently returned to the Styck to report her findings.

Niserie met them again in Bahyrst, informing them — to their surprise — that Nona examined her own auguries, and agreed that grim portents point to something foul laboring in Khemenelda. They have been granted a reprieve from judgment until their quest is complete.

Niserie suggested the elves of the Styck would monitor them to track their progress.

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Niserie Woodvine

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